Tuesday, July 1, 2014

She what?!

Inspired by a lovely catalog photograph from the store Petit Chic, as well as the humor of Norman Rockwell and the dreaminess of Peter Ferguson.
June was a beautiful and humbling month. Humbling because of the struggles and sorrows of friends, but made beautiful by the countless kindnesses of God, family, and friends through it all. Goodbye June 2014! Hello July~~ :)

And here is a quick painting/sketch of blogger and advocate for the homeless, Kevin Barbieux, who did me a kindness even in the midst of all his trials. This is a thank-you to him... hopefully he won't mind this very rough likeness of him.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Haven't posted in a while... this was done with black conte crayon on paper.
The world needs lots of prayers and grace. It is so overwhelming... !
http://divinemercyforlostsouls.blogspot.com is a wonderful blog (and Facebook group) that posts prayer requests for depressed souls or for those who have committed suicide. Regardless of your faith or beliefs, if I may I'd like to encourage anyone reading this to check in on this group and join your hearts and minds, even for a brief moment, with others going through very tough times. Solidarity with each other = humanity.

from the poet Alexej Mislovic:
You must not die/because you have been chosen/ to be a part of the day.

Found in the incredibly inspiring letter of one young woman, written in what was probably the lowest point in her life, in 1995. Please, share her letter if you think it could help someone you know!

Someone has to begin to break the chain of hatred that has always destroyed our countries. And so, I will teach my child only one thing: love. This child, born of violence, will be a witness along with me that the only greatness that gives honor to a human being is forgiveness.   -Lucy Vertrusc

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Little experimental doodles!  The one on the right was inspired by a funny look my dog gave me this afternoon XD

"I nothing lack for I am his, and he is mine, forever..."
(~from a beautiful and simple song inspired by the famous Psalm 23)
expresses my feeling right now. Good friends encourage
 and lift our spirits--I was a bit discouraged lately and several 
good friends and family helped me back up.
We should strive to be that kind of friend to all!

And may hurting families and people in Korea, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Mexico, America, and all over be blessed with peace and healing.

Monday, April 28, 2014


When I did this I was thinking about velvety, soft graphite drawings, though this is digital... ended up somewhere in between. :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Little ones.



Hello there!

Here's two self-portraits I had to do this semester.. I like the top one better I think. More fun, less serious! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Some Ladies 'n' Gents

Pages outta the ole sketchbook!
Where would I be without our Lord's Sacrament of Reconciliation? Or just without God, period!
Forgiven never forsaken... #Lent2014
Also, a beautiful and blessed Feast of Saint Joseph this day! Barely starting to appreciate this wonderfully humble, quiet saint.