Saturday, July 8, 2017


Yep, I did earlier this spring, thank God, my family, teachers and friends and all manner of kind people who helped along the way.

This post has got no pictures!! Hahaha

It's funny to look back at old art and old blog posts. That's what I like about this blog even if the readership isn't much or even if I might lay this to rest someday. It's like a capsule of time. I've certainly been evolving and changing... and still got plenty to work out :)

I'll leave y'all, for now, with a quote that gave me some pause today (classic Christina, to be quotin')

"Our Lady showed me that joy and gladness only come from God... and that nothing in the world is more valuable than a pure heart."

-Mirjana Soldo, My Heart Will Triumph

Friday, February 17, 2017

Emotions & Math

In the near-middle of my last term..
It was nice to doodle this for fun.

Been lovin' what I heard from Margaret Glaspy's "Emotions And Math" record

I liked the quietness of the top one, but her fellow musicians Tim Kuhl and Chris Morrissey were fun to draw as well.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Here's To The Ones Who Dream...

This moment got me. Really enjoyed La La Land ...its sweet optimism and just its passion for the arts and for life was pretty wonderful.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Do Your Thing

Wanted to depict persistence to do your thing despite the naysayers - whether they be outside or in your own mind. Likin' this song "Movin'" by Sir the Baptist.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


A moment between Captain Hook and Peter Pan, inspired by a Howard Pyle painting, "The Coming Tide."

Mr. Tyrus Wong

A piece done after I found about the passing of amazing artist Tyrus Wong on December 30. His art inspired the Bambi movie's very spirit, and that of many more projects. And it's easy to see why if you see the art!

More on his inspiring life here.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Recently I became part of a wonderful sketch group and it's been a great space for us all to learn and try things. :)

This one was based on the word "small."

I was feeling very lost that day and uncertain about the future.
But because God is full of love for each of us, and is bigger than any force on earth, even our fears... because He has a will that is good: I don't have to worry about controlling the future, because I can't.
I can do my best, my part, but the rest is God's.


My mom shared these verses of poetry with me today:

"Make your heart poor,
So your tears come easily.
Make your mind bright,
So your laughs come easily."

-Sr. Claudia Hae-In Lee

Apparently the second line refers to being able to be moved with emotion or empathy - in contrast to the thought that chasing after or prioritizing material things might make us hard-hearted.