Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Recently I became part of a wonderful sketch group and it's been a great space for us all to learn and try things. :)

This one was based on the word "small."

I was feeling very lost that day and uncertain about the future.
But because God is full of love for each of us, and is bigger than any force on earth, even our fears... because He has a will that is good: I don't have to worry about controlling the future, because I can't.
I can do my best, my part, but the rest is God's.


My mom shared these verses of poetry with me today:

"Make your heart poor,
So your tears come easily.
Make your mind bright,
So your laughs come easily."

-Sr. Claudia Hae-In Lee

Apparently the second line refers to being able to be moved with emotion or empathy - in contrast to the thought that chasing after or prioritizing material things might make us hard-hearted.

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