Saturday, March 7, 2015

Joy... and a doodle!

Random thoughts!

Sometimes it's good just to be simple and enjoy the wind and sunlight.
And I gotta remind myself, joy comes from gratitude, appreciation, and wonder at the little things in everyday life, and the amazing and big stuff too, like people's individual good qualities, and the kindnesses and generosity of those who care about you. Joy also comes from giving of yourself freely to others, and from being generous and caring with them.

Joy is important, otherwise you look like raincloud or someone who had thought eating a lemon whole was a good idea. (Which, apparently it is, if you've got a cold or something.)

Wow I sound so flowery. Whooooo~~~

Also, I have to thank God for his constant love. I am really flimsy, in terms of my character and will and heart/mind, but he really stands by me and is always so gentle and unyielding in his love for me, as he is for every single person. He's always encouraging me and showing me something beautiful.

God is like the wide, open sky!

I wish you, whoever reads this, all the best, all hope and peace, and yummy food and good company.